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The cheapest SEO Hosting

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It is quite interesting what we can understand from SEO Hosting and is it really useful for your internet business or website? The question is very difficult and many specialists are claiming that backlinks from C Class networks are making blackhat SEO to websites and usually get banned from Google and other search engines. Actually C Class networks are quite good for blog masters, creating large variety and large number of blogs placed on different IP Addresses. The C Class network means that you websites will be hosted on similar IPS, but different, just like X.X.X.1 and X.X.X.2 and so on. The prices for such SEO Hosting has large variety and starts usually from 100 USD. The company we are now reviewing is giving high and quality hosting of C Class network at much lower price. The hosting for 5 Addresses is 10 USD/month and the price is increasing according to the number of addresses having access to. The price for 1 IP Address varies for 2 USD (at the lowest paid price) to 1 USD (at highest price of 190 USD/month for 190 IP Addresses). The company is giving high and very accurate hosting with large number of add on domains and the maximum allowed bandwidth is quite high – 390 GB. This is very good webhosting for your internet business and your dreams.

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