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Free hosting from 777host.us

Website: http://www.777host.us The company offering this hosting is quite good and I really liked it much. I can tell hundreds of good words about the website I hosted under the sub-domain of 777host.us. It is good to know that you have good connection and the uptime is about 99.99%. Really …

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Free hosting with extras from phpzilla.net

Website: http://phpzilla.net The free web hosting from PHPZilla NET definitely is offering great extras and very good speed. This is quite good to have free web hosting with high speed, no ads and script installers. Really it is possible and last months I found a lot of such hosting companies. …

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The Bulgarian Leader Superhosting

Website: http://www.superhosting.bg The Bulgarian web hosting company, which can be claimed as the largest in Bulgaria, definitely is Superhosting BG. Unfortunately, thir price is a little bit high. I hosted there some of my websites, and still did not get any problems with support, or bandwidth. Their speed is quite …

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1 Year prepaid hosting from Bluehost

Website: http://www.bluehost.com Once a friend of mine, told that HostGator have limit of the Bandwidth and I decided to test the hosting company, with missing restriction. I found Bluehost, because they offered low price and very good package for web hosting. I prepaid for 1 year and got also free …

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Great support and Price from Hostgator

Website: http://www.hostgator.com When I first met Hostgator years ago, I started wondering why I was using free web hosting services. They are offering everything, which you may need – e-mail server, webmail, scripts, large hosting space, large bandwidth and whatever you may want for only 10 USD per month. Actually …

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All extras and less than 50% uptime from 200u.com

Website: http://www.200u.com Definitely the web hosting company 200u is one of the one, I found last months, offering full number of services and scripts in their free web hosting. The existing of PHP and MySQL is great advantage for them and make the offer really great. You are able to …

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