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Online Storage and Social Networking

For many people, storing their files online not only ensures often sensitive or irreplaceable information is kept safe and secure, it also enables them and other authorised users to access these files from a variety of devices in any given location.

Because social networking is becoming increasingly popular, as well as representing an important part of Internet-based business, the majority of online storage facilities now make it possible for users to share their files – whether these are documents, photos, music or videos – via social networks like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, among many others.

This means that a person wishing to share the latest photos or videos of special events with family members on the other side of the world without having to go through the time consuming effort of uploading them to/ sending them via e-mail – a process that not only requires patience, but also occasionally fails to deliver said treasures.

Instead, it is possible to simply click on the relevant ’share‘ button provided by the storage facility and – hey presto – friends and family around the world can instantly view and/ or download pictures or home movies of the latest baby, its first steps or their first day at school; birthday parties and other special occasions.

In a similar fashion, business users can use social network sharing to inform employees, partners, customers and other acquaintances of important changes in files, present new offers, and so on. Social networks can also be used to introduce new employees, partners etc.

In short, any file stored online can be easily and effectively shared with whomever an individual or company chooses to share such files via the ability to use social network sharing options on online storage facilities. What’s more, those gaining access to such files are then often able to share them again, making this a particular useful option for marketing campaigns.

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