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Website: http://mediatemple.net
This is the best hosting, which we ever used. The company of MediaTemple is offering quality service and really good support. The specifications are 30 GB, disk space, 512 MB dedicated RAM and 1 TB network transfer. The installation happens for less than 8 hours and MediaTemple offers 24/7 support. Really working with this hosting is not so hard job, but really if you need any assistance you can get is really quickly and with highest quality. The prices are not the cheapest really, because the basic package is 50 USD/month or 500 USD/year. Really the price is looking high, but for most cases you just need the basic package, because it gives enough for your website. Really the VPS is good choice for large website and with large amount of traffic and bandwidth every day. With VPS hosting you will received the quality, which your website needs.
Speed: 6
Space: 5
Price: 5
Support: 6

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