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If You Lose Your Computer – Save Your Files

Most ISPs or service providers do offer a limited amount of storage with the package. However, when we say limited, we really mean it. Most accounts only give you a couple of GBs, if you are lucky enough to find one that gives more than one. This is why it is a good idea to invest in online storage that offers more space. There are many reasons online storage or backup is useful but one of the main reasons is that it protects your data, and that is extremely important. A computer crash is hardly an unheard of event. This is why we must be prepared for anything, even theft or damage.
If your computer is broken, lost or stolen and your files are safely stored on an online server then the only thing you lose is the computer itself. While this is devastating and costs money, it is nowhere near as bad as losing the content that was on your computer. If you speak to anyone who has ever lost a computer for any reason at all, the first thing they will say is either, “my biggest regret was not backing up my files,” or they will say “thank goodness my files were backed up!”

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