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Free hosting with extras from phpzilla.net

Website: http://phpzilla.net
The free web hosting from PHPZilla NET definitely is offering great extras and very good speed. This is quite good to have free web hosting with high speed, no ads and script installers. Really it is possible and last months I found a lot of such hosting companies. PHPZIlla will give you ability to install scripts, to launch website builders and to create website with simple click of your mouse. Also you will be able to install additional scripts, to host own domain name and to have FTP access to your website. The databases are quite good and strong and you will be able to operate with them as good and you can. In advantages, which I can tell for this website hosting definitely is the good support from the service desk. Of course there is no backups of the server, so do not give the best websites you have to such web hosting, but you can make small projects hosted there.
Speed: 5
Space: 3
Support: 5

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