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Free hosting from Hit.bg

Website: http://free.hit.bg
The first free web hosting I used was from Hit BG. This was the beginning of my career as website builder and publisher about 15 years ago. Really this was the time, when the hosting was quite expensive and free hosting companies had thousands of banners. The good from Hit BG was that websites were visible, not only in Bulgaria but from sitewide. The language of the web hosting is Bulgarian and this will lose all kind of foreign visitors. Really I mention this web hosting only because of the history and because I started everything from here. The company offers free sub-domain names and capacity of 10 MB per website, but you has no restrictions for number of websites, which you will create. There is no PHP, MySQl and so on, but the good news is that you will have about 99.99% uptime.
Speed: 4
Space: 2
Support: 2

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