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Free hosting from 777host.us

Website: http://www.777host.us
The company offering this hosting is quite good and I really liked it much. I can tell hundreds of good words about the website I hosted under the sub-domain of 777host.us. It is good to know that you have good connection and the uptime is about 99.99%. Really the website builder is offering good extras for fast creation of your site and you will be able to create own database and to install some script inside too. Everything can be done for free of course and you will need only a little to know, for starting own website here. The best is that it is for free. I can tell also a hundreds of other good words for this hosting, but actually it is a little bit unstable. The large up-time and high speed of the website is good, but google bots are not able to visit the websites all the time. This is the only problem I noticed here, but it is normal for all free hostings and even some of the paid ones. Also the bandwidth is not so big, so do not host large websites with a lot of traffic.
Speed: 6
Space: 3
Support: 4

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