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Abongo webmaster tool

The webmaster and network administrators are in need of accurate and easy tool for monitoring and fast information from the server. Usually such tools are quite expensive, really hard for operations and the worst is that they give delayed stats. Abongo is powerful and reliable tool for webmasters and network administrator. The tools gives full information about DNS, Whois, Ping, TraceRoute and Page Rank of the requested domain. It is powerful, accurate and really easy for operations. Usually the webmaster tools have big lease and not publish the correct information, but Abongo will give you all the data you may need immediately.
The webmaster need to know the exact location of the server, Name severs, country and etc. The tool will give you all this information for less than a minute with just 1 click of the button. It can be used from everywhere – home, work, even from the smart phone. You have all the information combined on one page. The webmaster tool can give you details for host and RDNS too.
Abongo has one really powerful option. it makes ping to your server or website from several cities of the world – Vancouver, Moskow, Chicago, Tokyo, Dublin, Sao Paulo, Sydney and Hamburg. Actually it should you the time of loading from 8 different parts of the world on all the continents. That is fantastics, because it can be done with one simple click from your smart phone or from your home. No need to start command prompt and install several scripts to do it instead of you.
Abongo can perform trace route (tracert) to your website or server. You can do it by yourself from the dos command prompt of course, but here it happened just with 1 click of the mouse.
The tool is useful for webmaster, system and network administrators. Abongo is fast, accurate and really easy for use. Trust this tool, as we give it excellent value for all the measured features.

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